OTWO live beside OHM

We know there have been a lot of Olympus forks emerging. The problem is they bring direct competitions to Olympus. Inspired by a Zeus’ tweet, O2DAO wants to be the first transparent Olympus fork that works together with OHM instead of fighting over the same reserves/markets.

Staking(O², O²)

One of the reasons people participate in (3, 3) is the sky high APY of staking rewards. We understand newcomers may be intimidated by OHM’s price and its volatility. In O2DAO, OHM in the treasury is used for staking in Olympus. Hence, not only is staking OTWO risk free, but it’s also incentivized by the same (3, 3) model on its own:
  • The gaOHM in our treasury is already used to participate in staking(3, 3) of Olympus. OTWO owners are essentially getting the same skyhigh APY
  • On top of that, OTWO employs the same (3, 3) mechanism which further amplifies the overall APY for an exponential magnitude
This creates a circular relationship between OHM and OTWO. To summarize, ohmies are stronger together.