Initial Discord Offering

The OG members of our Discord channel are eligible to participate in our IDO. The quota is full. However, there will be events and campaigns where anyone can earn a presale slot. We want the launch to be as fair as possible, aka without VC and whales scooping up all the supplies.


Edited after gathering feedback from our community, see here
  • Only non-US persons who are whitelisted can participate in the IDO
  • 699 500 aOTWO will be offered for sale
  • There will be two types of allocation
    • Allocation A: 0.015 wsOHM (~$400) (~$480) = 1 aOTWO
    • Allocation B: 450 550 USDT = 1 aOTWO
  • Allocation A is slightly cheaper (-10%) than Allocation B. The discounted price is for compensating the potential swap/bridge fee of acquiring wsOHM. Keep in mind you can always bridge (ws)OHM from Ethereum to Avalanche.
  • aOTWO will be linearly vested for 7 days following protocol launch
  • 1 aOTWO can redeem 0.01 OTWO
  • OTWO that are not purchased will be burned
  • The initial supply of OTWO will be ~8 OTWO
    • 10-30% of the total OTWO supply will be added as initial liquidity
    • OTWO-wsOHM pool will open at 1 OTWO = 3 wsOHM
    • OTWO-USDT pool will open at 1 OTWO = (3 wsOHM worth equivalent) USDT
  • 10% of the total OTWO supply will be used for development and protocol growth
  • All raised funds will be 100% put into the treasury