What can we expect from O2 DAO in the future?

O2 DAO's long term goal is to bring the wealth creation to the next level for all of our users.
If OHM model is successful, then we will be at least twice successful as OHM since we are backed by OHM. Our growth would be exponentially better than OHM.
O2 will constantly evolve and improve to satisfy our community and provide new solutions for all DeFi users across the world.


  • Liquidity Bootstrap
  • OHM Hub
    • Acquire staking and governance tokens of prominent OHM forks
    • Diversify our treasury which improves overall returns and and stability
    • "OHM ETF"
  • Governance
    • Vote delegation (WIP)
  • Partnership
    • Seek partnership with OlympusDAO and become one of the official ways to encourage cross-chain gOHM.