We are building upon the exponential growth of OHM and bring the wealth creation to the next level

What is OlympusDAO and why O2DAO is building upon them?

Olympus is a protocol that issues and manages its native stable token, OHM. It is run as a DAO, meaning its governed by its community in a fully decentralized manner through smart contracts.
OHM is a complete free-floating currency, not pegged to anything. Instead, it is backed by a basket of crypto assets such as DAI and FRAX in the Olympus Treasury.
O2DAO wants to be the first transparent Olympus fork that works together with OHM instead of fighting over the same reserves or markets, as in other Olympus forks.
In O2DAO, OHM in the treasury is used for staking in Olympus. Hence, not only is staking OTWO risk free, but it’s also incentivized by the same (3, 3) model on its own.

What does O2 try to achieve?

Olympus has grown from its initial market cap of less than a million dollar, to today's >$3 billion. It's fair to say while staking in OHM is generational wealth, for its price to double or even triple is not an easy task. We understand in the bull market, people want to see quick gains on their portfolios, which is why there are many OHM forks with almost identical reserve assets and mechanism of OHM.
O2 on the other hand tries to be a fork that brings benefits to the OlympusDAO ecosystem by creating demands for them and in turn, creating demands for us. By using OHM as our backing asset, your portfolio doesn't stop at x2, but rather ².